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Right Angle uses top notch materials to print and produce our customer’s work. Whether that be blueprints printed on 20lb bond or Mylar , or business cards on a gloss or matte card stock. It’s all high quality because our customers deserve the best. Here are some of the various types of materials we use. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t see what you need listed. There are far too many options, possibilities or opportunities to list everything! Call or email us with what your needs are, so we can work together on being the  Right solution for all your reprographic/digital printing needs!  

Ink & Color Options
  •  20 lb roll bond
  • 24 lb roll bond
  • Vellum -BW only
  • Mylar (polypropolyne)
  • Transparency 
  • Colored 20 lb Roll Bond
  • 27lb  PaperTyger- Tear, water and grease resistant bond.
Toner & BW Only (Xerographics)
  •  Vellum
  • Mylar (Polypropolyne)
  • FomeCore
  • Correx 
  • Sintra
  • DiBond
  • Infinity Board
  • Magnetic
  • Vinyl
  • Vinyl w/adhesive
  • Phototech
  • ViewThrough
  • DPF
  • and more……
  • Gromets
  •  Stakes – Metal & Wood
  • A Signs (Sandwhich board)
  • 47 LB GLOSS
  • 32 LB 
  • Canvas
  • Water Color
  • Presentation Bond 
  • 20 lb 
  • 24 lb 
  • 80, 90, 100, & 110 Text
  • 80, 90, 100 & 110 Index
  • 80, 90, 100 & 110 Card
  • Gloss & Matte Card Stock 
  • 2 or 3 part carbon-less paper
  • Door Hangers
  • Folders
  • and more…. 

There are hundreds of types of materials available for small format printing. If you have a specific paper or material you’d like us to use that you bring in yourself – please contact us directly as we will need to look at the material prior to agreeing. 

Small format is great for marketing materials like business cards and brochures. Inexpensive, especially for large quantity orders – We can use larger sheets up to 13 x 19 and do 2-up or more depending on what you’re printing. You’re charged by the impression and sheets. The more images we can print on sheet, the more you can get for a lower price. 

Size Matters

Right Angle can print up to various large format sizes – it just depends on which machine or what type of work we’re printing. As an example all three types of large format machines have different maximums, in some cases it varies on the material being used. Please select one of the printers to find more information about size maximums, medias and examples of uses. 

**The length of the work is not as prohibited, so if your work can rotate without disrupting the integrity, we can do so if the width exceeds the maximum! No worries, we have you covered and if we can’t do it – we have some of the best for subcontractors or like we like to refer to them as – business partners!  **

 The PageWide can print up to 36″ in width and various lengths depending on the material.

    • The PageWide can print color and BW, high resolution and prints faster and using less ink, so it’s the most economical to use if you don’t need something with high graphics or pigmentation.
Examples for Use: 
  • Blueprints and technical drawings. 
  • Temporary graphics with spot coloring. Examples: Single use posters, banners, backdrops and large photos. 
  • Transparencies to lay over another document for demonstrating information. 
  • Multiple smaller posters to “nest” as one large document.
  • School Dance banners and even announcements. 
  • Farewell, Welcome Home, Congratulations, Happy Birthday Banners
  • And so much more! 

The CET Color printing presses will print on virtually any rigid substrate, up to 2″.  Some of the commonly used rigid materials include: PVC, polystyrene, MDO/MDF, glass, polycarbonate, chipboard/cardboard, acrylic, corrugated plastic, cabinet-grade plywood, styrene, painted aluminum, and sign foam.

  • Flexible materials must not exceed 64″ wide.
  • Compatible materials include but are not limited to: non-grommeted banner, calendared vinyl, cast vinyl, mesh (lined), backlit vinyl, reflective vinyl, cling window film, textiles (canvas, flag), fabrics and paper.

Graphics created using the CET Color printing presses are outdoor-durable for up to 2 years and 5 years with lamination. However, environment and application will determine the ultimate outdoor life span and may result in outdoor durability of greater or less than 2 years.

Examples of Use: 

  • Vinyl – outdoor or indoor banners.
  • Sintra – indoor signs 
    • Department signs, store signs, sale signs, home decor and much more. 
  • DiBond – indoor/outdoor signage (brushed aluminum)
    • Non ADA parking signs, trespassing signs, welcome signs, garage signs and more.
    • Home Decor, informational signage, notices and more. 
  • Fome (foam)board – indoor
    • Photos, art, decor and more. 
  • Infinity Board – Indoor
    • Foam material with black backing for added depth.  Similar uses as the Fome Board
  • Corex – outdoor (corrugated plastic)
    • yard signs, sale signs, warning signs.  Intended for use up to approximately 6 months depending on weather conditions.
  • Magnetic – indoor/outdoor
    • Removable signs for vehicles to display information.
    • Can create marketing or promotional magnets, customized  magnets for personal use or gifts, removeable bumper stickers, and much more. 
  • Our HP Z Series can print on bond and coated paper, technical paper, film, photographic paper, proofing paper, back-lit, self-adhesive, banner and sign, fabric, fine art printing material and more that varies in ranges from 11″ to 60″. 

Examples of Use: 

  • Canvas – Family Portraits on canvas and wrapped around custom frames.
  • Gloss
  • Glicee
  • Presentation Coated Bond – Nicer and heavier quality poster bond that can be used alone or inserted into a poster frame.
  • Back-Lit (shows through florescent lights for advertisements or art or decor. Example: We have Eddie Murphy in Die Hard on one of our shop lights. 

What is Small Format?
Small format printing includes a much broader definition in the printing world. Your personal printer sitting on your desk at home is a small format printer, for instance. From the commercial print industry many small format products are printed with high quality inks on industrial printers that can produce large quantities in a very short period. You are familiar with a lot of the products associated with small format printing. 

Examples of Use: 

  • Business Cards —customizable and sold in bulk. Our pricing starts at 250 cards for $25
  • Postcards — Versatile, print product made to several different sizes. Usually printed on cardstock.
    5.8”w X 4.1”h
    5”w X 7”h
    6.5″w X 9″h
  • Travel & tourism
  • Business direct mail
  • Flyers — Usually printed on standard copy paper or on higher quality glossy paper stocks.
    4”w X 6”h
    5.5”w X 8.5”h
    8.5”w X 11”h
  • Brochures — Frequently printed on 100 lb text, brochures (or pamphlets) have a bifold, trifold or z fold.
    8.5”w X 11”h
    11”w X 17”h
    Stickers — Everything from bumper stickers to labels. Stickers are used personally and commercially for a myriad of reasons.
    2”w X 2”h
    4”w X 2”h
    6”w X 6”h
    10”w X 3”h
    Used on vehicles, as promotional handouts, and more.

** The large quantities usually needed for small format products like business cards or postcards means that most jobs are professionally printed onto larger sheets and then cut down to size after printing and drying. This process is usually done via offset printing, but can be completed with digital printers as well. Due to the time to set up, cost of materials, and other factors, it is much more affordable to order small format products in bulk rather than purchasing one print at a time. **

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